Thursday, September 20, 2007

nyp results out

by now everyone should have gotten their results - satisfied or think you can do better? My advice is to make your last big dash next semester for graduating classes.

for those who are not going to study after this, it's still important because you won't have a chance to be so carefree again. It's going to be (5days*52weeks - 25days leave/PH) of dull working life, just waiting for the cash to tick in every month. For those who are going to further studies, the amount of effort you put in is just the typical workload for full time university research. No, thinking of playing Maple or Audition? No more chance too, unless you are happy with a pass *hint* =x

based on past trends, many of my poly friends whom swear never to touch books ended up in SIM/MDIS etc. Partially to climb higher up the corporate ladder, to stay employable or simply to look 'better'.

no doubt experience and quick thinking is more important for some sectors such as finance, that piece of laminated paper is not to be dismissed so easily. Employability based on skillsets will be emphasized, more so in an economy downturn. Which should be coming in less than 5 years time.

but then, there is a possibility of banking too much on that piece of paper. You need that paper to look for good jobs, however good jobs may not land on you because of that paper. It's mutually exclusive. And then, there's a cost element to think of. Yes parents can always foot the bill for your education, that car or motorbike you dream of, but i don't believe in depending on parents especially if one is >20 years old. Leave their money alone, since it's for their twilight years.

it's now week 6 of my semester, yet i felt i have been suffering for 12 weeks already. Let me recount my progress. CS3214 has rather intensive. I have packed my locker with maggi, biscuits, tea and sugar. What are missing? Maybe the spoons, forks and a nice cup to hold water. Maybe a sleeping bag and a pair of slippers.

my team members for the CS2250 project are terrific; it will be excellent if we manage to put our inspirations fully into the video. We plan to do our filming next week, so as to rid this project off our schedules asap.

CS3265 is a black horse, because no one has raised questions on how to start the project. 80% of the team makeup are from my CS3214 team though, so i can understand the lag. But no, i won't take up the coordination for this because i'm already doing it for latter module. Someone has to share the load.

GEK1531? I'm blessed with this gem. Furthermore, it was a recommendation from James (Tan), so thanks my friend. Now is to continue with the lectures etc for the 2nd CA. No exams!!!

this semester is special too. Flik is in CS3265 tutorial class, and Victor is in the GEK1531 lecture group. And Joyce from Si Ling plus her friend (oops i don't know how to spell =x) from NYP, in CS2250 tutorial class. ex-NYPians unite!!!

where is my break?
looking forward to the year end vacation. To clear my mind and off to Hong Kong for a break. Good news - wenqun and ting will be joining me there. Planning itinerary wise, i'm only 75% complete. Accommodation? Found them, but no time to book....!

i may insert a solo KL trip 2-3 days before i leave for Hong Kong. I feel the need to be alone for awhile, like the solo Shanghai trip in July 2006. By and large that trip was fulfilling; i achieved what i wanted - to see the buildings that jun didn't allow me to (actually, not her fault since those paid tours are rushy). I covered almost the whole of downtown Shanghai, minus Hongqiao! Looking back, it's hard to believe why i could muster the courage to venture out on my own at that point in time. If you ask me to do it again, i will. But sponsor me =)

fortunately, that burden has been lessened. I find myself more willing to talk about the past, although i still refuse to bring the frame of 32 photos back from my office. To unwrap it is still quite a difficult task for me. Not to mention my mum's reaction when she sees the frame again. She stopped asking about it for some time already, don't want to restart the nag.


went down to CPF building on tuesday, to collect the cheque. It was really high; 25 floors up. The view is great! I met Mr and Mrs Lim, and they offered me part time assignments. Thinking in the longer term and considering my results (and the chance of working in NYP is lower because of that), i tentatively agreed. However, not this semester. Mr Lim wanted me to propose my rates, which i honestly couldn't think of any suitable rate. Assuming i'm still doing part time in NYP, this is purely to gain experience in event management. Shouldn't be asking for the sky, right?

let's see whether this will open another career path in the future... although my desire to serve my alma mater is still very strong. Even with a pay cut in view of my poor university results. However if that CAP is what they are going to (solely) look at to judge my abilities, i'm going to knock on other doors.

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