Sunday, October 14, 2007

housekeeping again

last night i threw out many stuff - a box that had my Cambridge Megaworks 250d until i took the latter out and put it onto my study table. Although empty it stayed literally by my side (yes, beside my chair) for months.

as i had too many old peripheral cards such as 56k modems, 10mbps network cards, VGA cards etc i too threw them away. But for memories sake i recorded my last glance of them:

Aztech ISA 33.6k modem with sound card - REAL legacy stuff

Aztech 56k modem - kept disconnecting

This version was better because it's a hardware based 56k modem (extra chip)

3Com 3C509B 10mbps ISA network card. Years old too

Hercules FDX8500LE card - repaired but still couldn't work

This board was meant for Pentium/Pentium MMX chips

I dropped the above onto the floor - unrecoverable read errors. sigh

ok, enough of these nerdy looking stuff.

i was again late for CS2250 discussion in school, because by the time i did my housekeeping, sorted my personal finance, idle here and there (i love to 'tu') it was 4am. Meeting was impossible at 9am =x Luckily Jodi was later than me... hehe.

met up 3 girls for dinner. They went shopping, which i didn't go. Since its time for them to exercise their legs... lolz. We went simlim to get Jac's hard drive, then off we went to MOF for dinner.

I had this ala carte item called Seafood Toji. Lunch was rather filling

Vicky had some bento set. Sorry couldn't recall =x

Kakiage set for Celeste. Forgot to take Jac's curry rice =x

Fret not, Vicky came to the rescue.

Our desserts - shiratama something and kakigori mango
Vicky lit up when she saw the word"SLIMMING" listed as a benefit =x

Cam whores #1

Cam whores #2

received news from Trina that Peisze's brother passed away due to suicide. This is devastating for sure, for her as the eldest sister. Should be going across the causeway to meet her up. Hope she's taking the loss with strength.

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