Sunday, October 14, 2007

day at JB

the day was so rushy because i woke up late. Was rushing like mad to meet the pack at the bus stop outside Sheng Siong, then forgot to grab a spare immigration form from my parents.

heard of many horrific crimes by snatch thefts on foot, motorbikes and cars, so we were extra careful when walking in the open. Actually i was less tense compared to john... heehee. After all i used to visit JB monthly for the first 3 years after moving to Marsiling (96-98). Then, my parents brought my siblings and myself, roaming around downtown JB and some of the further "gardens" (their Taman so-and-so, etc). I still feel at ease now, but took care not to flash my belongings unless i have to.

crimes happened because we have been feeling so normal with our much safer environment - although we are in a foreign land certain behavioural norms are carried over unconsciously as well.

the advice for anybody wanting to travel on foot in johor is to be as simple as possible (in terms of dressing and personal accessories) and cut down your verbal languages to the minimum. Be alert to the surroundings and avoid walking on the road and backlanes, unless there are human activity around.

Some actor from HK was here as ambassador to "Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng"

Much time was spent holing up here

Ordered this; went to JB in such a hurry that i ate only porridge

Heading home by foot - too much people waiting for public transport

This was the way in to the passenger arrival terminal at JB

This is the very typical snapshot from our TV and papers

Nice sunset while walking towards Singapore

WELCOME TO SINGAPORE. Nice Panasonic screen.

heard more details from the suicide; it was due to depression from many problems that her brother sought death as the best solution. He jumped down from a hotel nearby their house, suffering multiple and fatal fractures to the skull, arms and spine. There were many signs in the past few months, such as he bringing out a gas tank from the house. She thought; if they paid more attention to these worrying signs death could be averted. As friends we can only wish her family and her not to reproach themselves for the loss. To me it is also an important reminder that the world around us is getting increasingly complicated. Hope she will move on soon.

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