Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CS2250 filming nearly done

skipped school on Monday, as i was very busy catching up after visiting PS in JB. Went to NYP to do my stuff.

vincent cleared some space for me, was very thankful for that. Now my office PC and speaker system is up. The rest will be looked at after exams i think.

tuesday was the official day for filming, so i brought the props - a company logo, sales chart, designation cards, etc. Very fortunately DR1 was empty, which was crucial. It had a very meeting room and Director's office feel.

i was the laughter of so many people la. Yan Shi invited 3 of her uni mates to act as my "managers". Then i spent close to 2hrs getting my lines and temper right. Was supposed to scold them; but couldn't bring myself to =x

yan shi was really meticulous in getting the office outlook right. Additional props such as name card holders, magazines etc were 'stolen' from somewhere else. We even wanted plants and a fake phone. heheh...

thanks to jodi for excellent photography skills!

I'm the Director of FastBread.

Ate too much sandwiches during the filming. NooooOOOoooo...

Presenting the rest of the team. Notice the jeans? lolz..

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