Saturday, October 13, 2007

OOOo you'll be pumping Ovaltine!

the GIRLY MAN indian video has been demo-ed to HK and the pack just now.

the response was overwhelming; massive laughs in the otherwise quiet Coffee Club at Millenia.

the dance strokes plus the lyrics cracked everyone up. lolz...

in case whoever is not feeling sick of it click here.

"Gosh my old calculator ain't got no bow...." *omg*

JH wanted to bring his gal here. Quite a mature audience though...

Finally got to try this sinful pie.

back in school i attended the SAP talk with steve. I'm quite interested to go for the certification, however not this semester; as the training period fell in nicely (unfortunately) with my holiday. I'm worried that by the next summer, everyone will be fighting for the already limited places - my CAP will not be strong enough to bargain for a place. Anyway i'm thinking quite far away, so keep my fingers crossed again.

the lure of a fat pay cheque (in the tune of >$5,000) and the projection of 260% growth of SAP worldwide are going to attract any students who are more interested in earning more as SAP related consultants etc. But i'm always the cautious one who believes that real interest in the business domain will be the sole survivors in this specialized enterprise market, considering that the economy will not be at its best in few years time. The sole desire to earn will only become a useless quest to a knowledge worker today and tomorrow.

saw valentino's post in ting's blog. He loves making fun of people, especially me. Wow, i've not met him for years and he is already so free exercising his weird sense of humour on me. I shall practise the saying of "not feeding the troll" and not reply for the time being. sheesh.

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