Tuesday, September 4, 2007

NSF up lorry

when someone posted in Hardwarezone that a NSF went AWOL with his rifle, no one took him seriously. Subsequently, that post got locked down.

The SPF got activated silently

about 12 hours after that posting, police managed to find him in Orchard Cineleisure after activating 200 MIB people. Yes, with his rifle and some live rounds.

let's analyse this case - HWZ's extremely powerful intelligence has found out some many traces of his past. He is CPL Dave Teo Ming, unit is 1 SIR. He has about a month of service left, simply means he is ORDing soon. During his time in army, he commited some offence and ended up in DB. He had a girlfriend, however they split ways 5 months ago. While she has found another she, he seemed unable to let go and kept contacting her.

on Sunday 2359hrs, he was found missing while doing guard duty. I would assume during the guard inspection parade based on that weird timing.

he is very surprisingly a normal and handsome looking guy.

This is the SAR21 welding soldier

here are some odd points -

- he is supposed to be leaving active service soon, why destroy his own future (and seriously at that) when the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter? Psychological problems that went out of control?

- how did he get the SAR21 out of the camp and to Orchard? Most probably, he dismantled the rifle.

- who will get the blame for letting an armed soldier out of the camp? Once again, many servicemen down the chain of command (in the guardroom) will have their asses burnt - the DO, BOS, Guard Comd, Guard 2, even his fellow campmate that prowled the camp with him. It's easy to laugh at Dave or those mentioned, however what if you are anyone of them?

there is a fact - good luck to those (including my bro) NSFs in service now, especially guard duties for this week. Besides the sad news coming out through ROs, i bet with my body the DO/BOS in your camp will be in ultra high spirits, doing turnouts or emergency drills like drinking water.

Dave might get alot of shit from this episode, but we should put ourselves in his shoes and not cast him down straightaway. After all, no one will want to muck up his own future by wantonly committing a (serious) military offence.


FishBuff said...

forced army conscription, oppressive govt, stressful studies, demanding parents and broken bgr. he is one stressed out teen. felt sorry for that bloke, and many other fellow singaporeans that are experiencing such immense stress.

FishBuff said...
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zhiming said...

i believe the way he spent his army life and the treatment in certain units have a certain bearing.

it's like the infamous mono intakes for some infantry, engineer battalions. Such unit life is very tough from day 1. Or maybe day 2, after parents' visiting day.

@drian said...
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@drian said...
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@drian said...

one more month before ORD still gotta do guard duty! of cos angry lah.

Should be clearing leave and shaking legs at home instead.

zhanzhao said...

Yeah usually nearing ORD unlikely to get allocated guard duty.... Not unless the guard duty was "awarded" for something he did previously perhaps?