Sunday, September 2, 2007

comex 2007 II

the morning was spent with my working mates for CS2250, Cedric and Ben. Coincidentally, they were from SIT too, but from DIT02. Hope tomorrow's presentation goes on smoothly. Especially when we are the first team to present in the tutorials.

went to comex after that, since michelle is busy tending to her grandma and couldn't buy what she wanted. Not many people have the chance to look after their elderly, so i helped her do what i'm better at. =D Snapped up 2 pieces of 512MB RAM, however i'm lumping her hard disk purchase with mine next week. I observed some stalls increased their prices today. For example, Active Foto added $7 to their bare 80GB ($93+7), citing GST. This is absurd since i can buy the same thing at $90 in Simlim, with whatever tax added in.

one HP stall increased the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS220's price by $20, to $138. I can get the same thing at Mobilesquare at only $128.

the traffic is crazy as well - cars breaching the restricted bus lane along Bras Basah Road. I wish some drivers have better cow sense to not drive to town unless they have some heavy printers or 32/37/40 LCD TVs to buy. No, those 17/19/20/22 inchers are light enough for an able body to carry around public transport. Many people to ferry - young people should take the public transport too. Having old folks or toddlers? Simply forget about going there then, in case a stampede happens and you blame everybody but yourself.

sound like sour grapes since i have no car to drive? You decide since you're the reader.

time to go sleep...

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