Tuesday, September 4, 2007

NSF up lorry II

i realised my blog ended up in one of Google's top searches. Good or bad? Not too sure. I'm just putting my views in the most neutral way i can.

there are still some threads in Hardwarezone about the NSF, particularly on the girl. The spotlight on his ex's new blog has proved unbearable for her, so she has shut it down. There were some unusual postings such as

- a poster "mentally raping his gf" and grinning away, plus some Geylang shit
- another poster trying to imagine what the parents thought when the ex had a new she
- another poster wants to cockslap and bukkake that girl based on a comment she made in the blog, before shutting it down.

once again this thread is going too far. It's easy to vilify a person, more so because all the above are guys. How does it feel when you're the victim, then? Not that airing their views are totally wrong, but it's not right to insult a person. Furthermore, they don't even know the girl well.

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