Saturday, August 11, 2007

rush hour 3

to prevent myself from being a spoiler, i won't say too much la.

however, i thought it was a mild comedy, turned out to be a good laugh throughout the show. The actions are quite alright, maybe kind of mild too.

i liked the dialogue between the old master and Carter -

Tucker - who are you?
Master - you
Tucker - not me, you
Master - yes, i'm you
Tucker - are you deaf?
Master - no, you is [sic] blind
Tucker - you (point to his disciple)
Master - yes
Tucker - no, not you, him! What's your name?
Disciple - me
Tucker - yes, you!
Disciple - i'm me!
Master - yes, and i'm you!

there were a few scenes that were cut, such as Jackie saying "just checking the size" before the Polanski put on his surgical glove and said "Welcome to Paris"!

and Tucker introducing himself as the new costume designer, and then asking the girls to 'take off all the clothes'. The part after this was snipped, too.

i must say Zhang Jingchu (张静初), known as Soo Yung in the film is quite pretty! Born in 1980, she is natively from Fujian, China.

Another lady to die for.... !?

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