Sunday, August 12, 2007

aquaria shopping at Qian Hu

went out for lunch with GY and Shuhui, decided on Ichiban at cwp's basement. I had not went there since April last year, and it was refreshing in terms of its sushi offering.

i might be dining more often at Ichiban in future!

Wenqun came over to join us towards the end of the lunch, after which i suggested going to Qian Hu. Thanks bro, he decided to spend some time with us before fetching his girl from PS.

One of the 2 galleries

Much news articles on Qian Hu

The goldfish corner

Qian Hu's prized arowanas (not this tank)

Gouramis! Remember the pearl white kissing fishes?

Oscars - the big eaters

The delicate discus - CD players anyone?

One of the marine tank for sale - $1500!

The nice open air cafe to chill out

So chilling that we need ice cream - i'm down with flu, so lemon tea was enough

New inhabitants for my tank - cardinal tetras and rasboras

spent a damage of $35 on the fishes, a new fish net, a Eheim cleaning brush for my filter pipes and finally 3 pieces of Eheim Ecco white filter media. The filter media is expensive ($11 for 3).... no choice.

spent another 1 hour cleaning the Eheim filter, and the water flowrate is back to normal!

while in the car, we discussed about 3 people - his [snipped on request], his present, and someone related to his girl. Friend, time to do what's best for you (and her). I'm glad you realised a gem is beside you, treasure her and never forget what we've told you during our kopi!

sacrifices should be solely for your one and only (PS: sometimes, good friends are worth a sacrifice too. hahaha)

and you're right, i'm aware she had a terrible idea of me ever since that breakup - she might be trying to be an empathic friend of her, but i don't owe her any apologies nor explanation since she is an outsider, somebody whom didn't know the situation well until it ended.

i know this is going to burn bridges, but i'm not Mr Nice Guy all the time. And futhermore i'm pretty pissed that her judgement has affected you in another light now.

judge a person for whom he/she is, but make qualified judgements.

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