Monday, August 13, 2007

no malice intended!

good morning peeps, it's indeed unusual my posting is done in such early hours of the morning. After a few phone calls here and there, i decided to clarify matters.

let's skip the events prior to this post, and let's just say that i have a couple of unexpected visitors over here, and i'm quite surprised.

i value the freedom of speech on the Internet, and i believe i have been fair in my words online so far. I don't rant for no reason, so wherever convenient, i try to structure my thinking in writing too.

although my blogging atmosphere is by and large personal and cozy, i do listen to feedback and improve. However, this line will soon apply (i didn't say this, it's from another blog i read):

My Blog My Says. Kindly press Alt+F4 if it sores your eyes. Thanks

the rest of the events are strictly confined to coffeeshop talk - join me at Blk 211 (upon invitation only) for a series of kopi-casts.


Little Miss Sunshine said...


zhiming said...

with regards to new postings and messages i received after the post made on 12 August 2007, i must add on these points to ensure what i said is going through properly -

1. All words that referred to a particular person were deleted on request. The rest of the content is NOT related to the latter.

2. I'm already being very clear as the sky, there was never any intention to spike anybody for that matter. There is no need for any apology, because i don't need it. The content has been misinterpreted out of context. I stand by the integrity of my posts, and attempt to be as transparent (read: completeness of information to a reader) as possible.

3. The previous post was purely an encouragement for my friend to take the next step in his life. In the past, he has helped me get back on track, and i witnessed his ups and downs. I'm glad he is very much on his next phase of life, from what i have witnessed so far.

I have spinned the idea of "Ocean's 14" - it was intended as a cover to reveal what is going on behind the scenes in parts - it's a pity the "premiere" was missed by some, and led to this fiasco this morning.

zhiming said...

Miss Tan! i took 20 minutes to compose the comment above... until i didn't realise you posted.

i'm feeling like a news editor who is sweating to clarify a malicious press release that wasn't malicious in the first place - but oh well.

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Haha, like what I always tell my students. Dont be bothered about what others have got to say about you are your opinions. Its yours. So, they can choose to respect it, OR Leave it ;)