Wednesday, August 15, 2007

gentlemen, start your engines

school has been quite usual so far - usual as in i have been the same, being late for everything.

there was the CS3265 (Econs in E-commerce) lecture on Monday, which i was late for 20mins. Then the lecture ended 15mins after that -.-" And no further lectures after.... roarrrr.

and just now, i went down Bugis to deal with somebody - he has probably gotten a good deal because i sold him 4 sticks of 128MB SDRAM and 4 more 20-40GB of hard drives for only $20. But i wanted to sell them off for some time, so considered that a long wish done. Now, because of that deal and lunch at Simlim i was again late for lecture, this time for CS3214.

i undertook the admin matters for this project, and barely 12hrs after the lecture i sent out 3 emails already.

to all project mates who are reading, let's live, eat, shit and watch sunsets and sunrises together for the next 3 months - if we do not get to this extent, then prepare to get C or D for this module of 8 credits!!!!

i'm going to put all my heart matters on hold... so disappointed when she wanted something in her personal message, but it's only for that pair of eyes that she's interested in. Unknown to her, such secret messages are hurting and misleading me. And that bugger, are you blind? Can't you see someone is waiting in the background? At least make yourself clear rather than making someone hanging in mid air for months and years.

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