Saturday, August 11, 2007

national day spending, friday horror

i thought i was going to spend a leisurely day at home watching the parade, the fireworks.... nope.

my mum jumped on the eve when my brother came back from camp, and the washing machine made its last breath. It made so much of noise that signaled its last useful use after a good 11 years 4 months. Then the 七月初一 is on the Aug 13 (my mum is very ban tang about this; no new purchase during 7th month).

So the whole family went out to shop for a new one, and i decided to get a new DECT caller too. My caller ID and the Sanyo phone has been here for 9 years, and recently the reception problems are quite bad.

I guessed it lost too much screws after the 5-6th year

My new Fisher&Paykel washer, washing capacity of 7.5kg, and very water efficient.

My new replacement, however the Caller ID stays

we split the bill, and i paid the lion's share of the combined purchase. Now people, don't say i'm rich or has extra $. I don't have kz!

my fish tank has also given a huge overhaul as i left it standing for 3 good months - no feeding, no cleaning, no pruning of plants. When YX came by, he said "you're really busy, because you have not been cleaning your fish tank for so long - the plants are so overgrown". Sigh...

armed with a gravel cleaner to remove dirt, i remembered walking at least 10 times back and forth to wash my filter, another 5 times to top up water and clean my accessories such as CO2 reactor, thermal heater, etc.

the whole overhaul took 2-3hrs, and i have not even cleaned my external Eheim filter for this operation, as i'm missing the pipe brush and sponge filter.

only 30% of my hair grasses remained after 3 months. However, only 6 fishes remained - what a good way to reduce plant and fish load =x

Fri horror
the workshop was to be concluded with a mini project - designing a Leave Management System for the CS3214 project. Before even getting down to the coding, we were already stumped by the use case and class diagrams, modeled in an OO aspect.

the road down is tough.

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