Saturday, August 11, 2007

anime downloaders - $3,000 fine knocking on your doorstep

$3,000 is just a starter sum.

especially those friends on SingNet, please please please start to worry if you've been frequent downloaders of such stuff. StarHub friends - no worries, your time will come.

- Hardwarezone Forums: Kena Odex Letter
- Hardwarezone Forums: I need help... ODEX knocked on my door
- Sample letter (not sample actually. Someone got this shit)

there are some postings that mentioned the possibility of Odex dropping the case - the letter is not a legal demand, but $3,000 to bury matters under the carpet - wow, given the economic boom everyone is ready to be milked?

if you're rich or you know a lawyer, you can try to exploit this loophole. It is pretty plausible, considering the way how IP works on ADSL (SingNet). It's pretty much dynamically changing all the time, provided you turn off/on your modem/router frequently.

if you're hell on breaking the rules, turn on encryption in your BT program immediately. But if they impersonated the tracks and seeders, then.......

that being said, if i receive this letter i'm going to explore my options. Since i don't do anime at all.

Singaporeans are living in a land that has been enjoying 4 good years of growth,
the economy is at its peak.
Too bad we have unscrupulous entrepreneurs lurking to cash in, apparently still being law-abiding.

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