Saturday, August 4, 2007

J2EE day 2 and 3

time flies away fast. On thur CH told us more on JSTL and Javascript. I have not learnt JSTL; was quite amazed by the power of custom tags. No more enclosing of foreach or ifelse in JSP directives. Javascript is largely ok for me, except for the part where CSS is manipulated by the former.

due to so many distractions i only managed to finish 6/8 exercises.

friday's topics were on servlets, session management and AJAX. Once again servlets and sessions are quite familiar to me, but AJAX is new. Now i know, it's a asynchronous technique of doing validations, autocompletes etc using JavaScript and XML. Some websites incorporating AJAX are Google Suggest, Google Maps. If i have time i might consider doing AJAXed autocomplete on my Customer Portfolio.

finished the lecture, and we were off to lunch.

LT15, the new LT for Computing

Pretty dry lab exercises that i need tea-o

Technical Helpdesk. There are 4 roller shutters... NYP's helpdesk is only the size of 1 man.

I love Science canteen's chicken rice

biz's food is getting boring, so we guys went back to Science to eat. We all ordered chicken rice with the favourite dumpling soup, all for only $3.30! Food is good, eyes are feeling good also =x

met Kaizhi too at Science, he was leading his freshies around the canteen. Suddenly one of his freshie called me... "U from NYP IT rite?!" haha the world is really small.. forgot to ask for her msn though. Our OGL Renzhi is happily at Shanghai doing NOC, good for him!

once again, i was distracted. Didn't finish the AJAX exercises.

dinner was the humble KFC, followed by an intense planning for HK's trip. Finally we decided on the hostel and settled on Macau, instead of Shanghai. More on this in the coming post.

U700, 3G enabled.
The key difference is 3G (duh) and the directional buttons are replaced with a jog dial.
Compare with U600 here

the way home was really terok. I took 960's last bus, and it would normally reach Woodlands at 12.30am. There was a massive jam at CTE from Bukit Timah; this wouldn't affect my journey i thought. At most more cars will head north via PIE/BKE.

i was dead wrong when some driver screwed his car on the flyover from PIE to BKE. In the end, reached home at 01.00am.

to that driver, thank you for creating shit on the road.

i'm dead tired, gotta work tomorrow. I promise myself i'll update my blogroll and friendster this weekend!

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Steve said...

Yeah . Man Lets work hard and score WELL for this module.

One thing good about moving to EX law facility is our neighbor BIZ Facility! SO many PRETTY GIRLS. HEE :D