Thursday, August 2, 2007

NUS Computing has a new home!

unfortunately, everything is still rather messy. I wonder how classes will commence on 13 Aug. Orientation might be even a problem next week.

for the curious, Computing is taking over Faculty of Law, which moved to Bukit Timah Campus last year. In the overall blueprint, we have additionally taken over part of AS6 and will be occupying BIZ1 in 2 years time. Finally, there is a sense of pride and identity as we can name our main building COM1! No more sharing of space with Science!

computing is still partially active at our old home, with Dept of IS at SoC1. Will i be there to witness BIZ 1's takeover? Hope not.

however i'm definitely not so happy. Because my CS modules are at COM1, my GEK and MA remains at Science! It's not fun taking shuttles all around NUS when everyone's rushing =x

New classy look, actually we're using Law's old stuff

We're great neighbours of BIZ

CS3214 partners in the making - Steve (DBI01) and Kelvin (DIT00)

We inherited a basement as well. Housing some labs...

NetBeans. .....

apparently CH (or Tan as our kind instructor told us to address him as) told us that we are the first group to use the facilities since Computing moved in. Yes, i believed him. The computer tables had a layer of dust and the projector couldn't find a signal.

CH told us nightmares. Of how people had problems with group relationships, spending so much time with nerve wrecking J2EE coding and some keywords such as "zero sum game" and "sunrises and sunsets". He even told us that googling CS3214 will say it all.

i discovered my blog also appeared in the search result. I'm sorry future CS3214 juniors and seniors, for adding on to your worries.

i will have sleepless nights very soon

i really hope i can pull through with MA1505 hot on my heels too.

anyway, today was a primer on the broad concept of J2EE, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Now i knew what SOA meant... hehee. A lab session followed; teaching us on using NetBeans 5.5 with Sun App Server 9.0u1. We were all frankly pleasantly surprised by it -

- refactoring feature: rename your code or variable without breaking them. You can also encapsulate (students, remember setter/getter methods for your variable?) using refactoring. Neat!

- code template: using abbreviations to store and recall frequently typed lines

- code completion (CamelHump and JSP): those using .NET should remember how useful was this

- source level JSP debugging: another extremely useful feature for me; the usage of breakpoints finally came to Java.

- JUnit testing: test your methods without coding extra test codes

another round tomorrow, JSP and Servlets.

New IP Phone installed at Helpdesk. Now i can ignore the caller i don't want to hear, HAHA

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