Wednesday, July 18, 2007

fattening day, and night safari!

tuesday was rather off key, because i'm quite tired. Also, there were free breakfast, morning tea-break, afternoon tea-break to keep me full (and sleepy) the whole day. Shifted yet another item down to my new shelter; my favourite set of Creative Soundworks FPS1800. Otherwise the new room is so big and quiet.

The food was great, but 5 free meals a day is not a joke

so i thought this was a less busy day. Oh man, i was nearly right. SS (the organizer) dropped a bomb on my manager, whom called me at 5.30pm to look for people to carry chairs. I was going to leave at 6pm for Night Safari!

how to carry 15 chairs from my block to the staff apartment block (200-300m away) in 30mins, when only me and the helpdesk officer (Reyas) were available? LLST, got to get the job done. I told my manager; we would carry them if and only if someone else carries them back. Sorry in case i sounded blunt, but the organizers could have sent the red alert earlier, not when everyone is going home. A good host can only be good when everyone tries to expedite matters, not by the last minute!

anyway the job was done, and i missed the dinner at $4.80 zichar. Thanks wenqun, he eventually came by at around 7pm.

am i that gullible? Tricked and tricked over and over! Should know what i meant right? *bish*

the photos are not yet ready, however the post safari photos are.

What is the name of these pratas again? Paper?

The bugger beside me had an intellectual dialogue on MOLES
Someone explain the concept of MOLES to him please.

please, guys who understand what i'm talking - an Ocean's 14 premiere is going to be shown later. When i get the necessary photos (gal email me the stuff!), k!

WARNING: Ocean's 14 can be potentially hilarious or downright revolting for some. The visual effects might be so stunning to digest at the beginning, yet it's a happy ending for the characters in the movie. Don't understand? It's ok, just be prepared.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

lolz..I cant wait to see your oceans fourteen

sec_ppl said...

.... i nid enlightenment~

Eliza said...

Ocean 14!! I watched 11, 12, 13, cannot miss the next!! Ah George Clooney!

zhiming said...

wow. so many people are impatient. coming soon!

huiming, you might be disappointed though. cos the starring actors/actresses are not in nyp. lol