Saturday, July 21, 2007

oracle's finale, dining @ xin wang

the Oracle training is finally coming to a close soon! NYP has been a really good host because of staff that have been filling up all the *gaps*! Such as sourcing tables, chairs and even flowers when we weren't the organisers; just a host! *ahem ahem* i should not comment anymore.

but hey, all in all it has been an excellent experience for me. Besides dabbling in real technical support (the participants are trainers from China, India, HK, etc- Oracle is training the trainers), i've tried my hand at event coordination between my manager and Vcampus, the actual event manager.

friday afternoon was largely spent on pulling my manager around to help me tie up some deals; such as asking other departments to open doors and such. Then i guided the movers around to carry whatever were needed. Sabrina was alone at the helpdesk, thus things were kinda tough for her. JY called to inform about a printer jam, so went back to fix it.

so everything was done within a few finger snaps (not my fingers). Vcampus staff didn't really look very eager to complete the stuff though... argh.

washed my face, and oh the pimple is getting larger and larger!!!! Went for dinner with gay friends, at Xin Wang!

Marina Square's Xin Wang.
The queue system is rather bad. They PICK a suitable customer from the queue that fits THEIR tables nicely.
Then what's the queue for!?

The manual. Note the chinese characters are traditional chars. Quite the same.
However a typical HK menu is written in complete Chinese, no ang moh at all

Their recommendations... hmmz

I won't leave the place without trying their noodles

Some of their drinks are placed in metal tins, unique.
But they can try the HK concept of having a cup of hot tea to rinse chopsticks.. heh

Jam and peanut butter toast - sorry, i was too slow to snap

The siew mai and har kow - the shrimp is bad... at least not comparable with HK's

Grilled char siew with egg and rice - char siew was so so only

Baked rice, forgot which flavour.
Simon stopped eating at 50% after seeing the mango snow ice =x

This was the $1 deal - buy 2 main dishes, get this or another soup at $1

Kailan with oyster - ok for me

I was so disappointed with the wanton.
It's so tiny and can be worse than some hawker stalls. MINUS marks!

When i called iced red bean in Shanghai, i got a shock.
This sight gave me the same level of shock too

Argument on session vs cookies. I was more interested with sights around. lol

what's the verdict on Xin Wang? Good for normal meals, however i'd skip it and head to HK for a better meal. A bowl of wanton mee is only HKD20 vs HKD35 here, and the quality is standard almost everywhere - thumbs up.

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