Sunday, May 20, 2007


firstly i need to touch on my work, 'cause it gave me lots of sweat. Let's examine what happened on sat morning:

- Cleaner called and scolded me for not calling her. Er yes, scolded me. The tone was not right. The problem was, i was at Koufu having my breakfast while waiting for them to come (and give me a call since they didn't appear at 0830-0845hrs).

- One of the lab gave me trouble for the next 4 hrs. Initially i thought, reclone 2 workstations that my colleague noted would be end of story. Then I just clean 77 mice. By the time i finished, it was 1030hrs.

Who knows, 2 more workstations hung when i turned everything on for network testing. I swapped the P4-2.4GHz to the instructor table, only to find out it also gave me a nightmare by corrupting the hard disk. In total, 6 stations went down and it was impossible to leave them to be fixed next week (the complaints got really hot and a matter of time before this issue is BLOWN up). LL, worked on the whole lot of them until 1300hrs.

- Have to go back tomorrow morning, to sort out the instructor workstation. I hope replacing the hard disk or the workstation will solve the corruption.

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