Friday, May 18, 2007

david's treat to waraku

it was a super duper late afternoon yet again, and i couldn't wake up in time to go down to Chinatown to repair Jac's iriver. No choice lor, i promise i'll do it on Monday!!!

had my lunch at cwp, then went to NYP to be briefed on the handover of the internal inventory management system. My colleague and school mate of about a year plus is graduating from NUS and thus is looking for a better job soon.

bought a second hand Asus P4GD1, which i have been looking for over a year. Why so precious, because it uses the Intel 915P chipset that supports my Pentium M mobile chip + PCI express graphics. don't understand? it's ok :D

tonight at waraku was free thanks to David. He is going to be posted to Australia for a short stint there, along with a promotion and some incentives, good for him! i fully exploited his $40 limit by calling the BBQ set ($19.80), hotate miso soup ($9.80) and salmon teriyaki ($6.80)... hehee.

Some yummy pictures to follow:

The smaller hotplate is yakitori, bigger brother is the 5 type sashimi, below is my hotate miso soup

The BBQ set kay and me called. Consists of 3 prawns, 2-3 crab legs and 1 body, 3 meat balls or something like that

Simon and the man of the night

meanwhile kay brought up about IPPT... sigh. Window is closing on 21 nov 2007, how?! go for 8 sessions of IPT and can fail IPPT or fail IPPT then go for 24 sessions of RT!? headache.

after the big bang, we went over to millenia walk hoping to sit down and chill (simon wanted to treat dave to some alcohol). No space, then over to Harry's Bar at esplanade. I last drank in nov 06, but after i told myself to try to stop myself from sinking into depression then, i never touched beer again.. till now.

Anyway.. sat down and ordered 1/2 pints of Heineken and Erdinger and admired around, since it was my *first* time in a bar. Initially i found the place dark and noisy, but perhaps due to the booze i felt better. Even saw a guy fingering his girl's lingerie... omg.

got to work tomorrow!

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