Sunday, May 20, 2007

a relaxing night at my mum's hometown

after working extended hours, i raced to get a cab home because the last boat to Johor (via Changi Jetty) was at 1600hrs. Darn, it is always difficult to get a cab when i needed it the most.

had a bath and took another cab to Changi. The driver was superb but a race demon. We got to Changi from Marsiling in only 20 minutes! We boarded the boat without waiting because 2 passengers dropped out (i overheard the pair were prostitutes) and refused exit from Singapore.

Our boat from Changi Jetty. If you're unaware, Changi Jetty serves both P. Ubin and Johor immigration

The wind was strong... but i love standing outside

Reclamation work at P. Tekong causing choppy waves. No wonder Malaysia complain!

we took a longer time on the sea, because Singapore (reclamation again) installed their metallic 'fences', causing the boat to make a longer detour to Tanjong Pengelih jetty. By the way, this mode of entry is getting slightly more popular for tourists from Singapore. Why? You might have heard of it; it is to have seafood and watch fireflies, blah blah.

my mum is really indecisive. Didn't know where to go first, so i told the driver to straight to my aunt's place instead of my grandmother's. But my aunt was at the latter waiting for her... ooops.

sat down and cooled down for a while, before going for seafood at 四湾.

My eldest aunt's house at 二湾. It sits on the plot of land given to her, by my grandfather.
Nearby are 2 more plots of lands (and houses) belonging to my 2 uncles

My cousin trying to rid his cupboard of termites.

This is the 'Crystal Jade' restaurant, not the local Crystal Jade of course. It's recommended by #U!

If you have no ringgit, fret not. We accept VISA and MC!

Giant lobsters

My eldest aunt, mum and cousin's wife enjoying the dinner

My 3rd aunt at the foreground

had another early night, because there wasn't anything to do except to play Simtower on my laptop.

visited the house where my aunts and uncles grew up during their days. And my youngest uncle who is a medium (Ji Gong), wanted to 'see' me at his temple. Of course, during the ritual lah. He mentioned i have to concentrate on my studies, and forget about love and relationship now. Recalled the time i came alone last year..... i'm in a much better and recovered state of mind now.

Kampong Jawa (头湾)

Leaving on a bumboat to Singapore

This boat is special, because there were 2 rattan chairs. Better than the normal ones

Home sweet home

today is also the day to treat my family for last week's Mother's Day! Went to Soup Restaurant for dinner.

My sis and nephew (and nieces hidden)... mischievous kids

Younger niece. Looks like the table was too tall for her

time to retire early today. it has been a loooong day, and it will be an 'exciting' one tomorrow.

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