Tuesday, May 22, 2007

whole day running chores

So tired... and hot.

reached the school compound at 7.30am, quickly opened up the lab and did the necessary stuff. Luckily the instructor workstation didn't bark or snap after i swapped the hard disk. happily went for breakfast at NYP's south canteen, then slowly 'yao' back to my room.

the next stop was this place called Tan Boon Liat Building, near Tiong Bahru Market. Took Sv 851 from Yishun, napped comfortably throughout. Finally sent in Jac's iriver for repair, however the man said the mainboard has some problems and may need to be repaired at Hong Kong for 4 weeks! omg... really sorry girl.

after this, i went to Chinatown's hawker centre (the one beside OG) to shop for toiletries. Snapped up my usual shampoo, soap, facial washes, hair gel at quite a good price. Much better than Watsons/Guardian or even Sheng Siong (savings of at least $6-10 in total - worth the trip down). Since my gay buddy is working nearby, called him out for lunch and he gladly obliged.. but sorry to have made him sweat. We then went to SA Tours and ASA to check the pricing for our year-end trip. The moment SA Tours heard of open-jaw ticketing... no go. ASA was better, offering SQ open-jaw (entry via Beijing, exit via HK) at $690 excluding fuel and airport surcharges of $162. Still rather expensive imo.

next stop - Simlim Tower to get some capacitors for my motherboard soldering project on coming wed. i also wanted to go Simlim Sq to check out DDR2 RAM pricing, and after a short walk around 4-6th levels, bought 2GB for my laptop, at $55/GB. Also snapped up 4GB desktop RAM for $50/GB, since the price has never been so low historically. That's the fatal damage incurred today.

Getting ready for Vista's requirement when i don't plan to install on my workhorse. oops

Moses' casing order got screwed up again. Ordered twice, but the Fuwell salesman didn't log down the order. WTF? This time i got a namecard for contact tracing... gonna kick some asses if the casing do not come tomorrow.

For some reason it's really warm today. Sweat was dripping down my forehead when i ate supper downstairs just now.

And... exam results coming out this weekend. I have a bad omen.... feeling uneasy for MA1505. sigh.

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