Saturday, May 26, 2007

results out

Worked damn hard for CS1105 (quite la =x), C+ in return. My analysis is possibly that our planning process didn't get approved by our Prof, the end result of course didn't mix well. Shall fix this problem in next semester's modules.

CS1231 is as expected, so cannot complain. It's satisfactory for Discrete Maths.

SSB2216 (HRM) is my best module this semester. Put much sweat in this module... as my Mdm said i ding-donged between myself and her just to perfect a report. Once again, i became a victim of moderation!

Finally MA1505 takeaway please. Luckily i didn't keep my MA1505 lecture notes.

Cap increased by 0.15... further away from the volcano pit.

I'm studying computing, yet CS modules are like -.-".

I hate Maths once again.

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