Saturday, May 26, 2007

computers day II, kuanfu's wedding

few days ago, my brother and i did some modification on my 2nd hand motherboard. Today was the day to plug it in. Initially the rig was dead due to my itchy hands, but i realised i forgot to plug in a critical power cable (duh). Fired the rig up, overclocked the Pentium M to 2.24GHz and the memory timings to 2.5-3-3-7, all stable. I also bought a beautiful Zalman chipset heatsink for my rig, however it wasn't suitable, so it ended up inside my bro's rig together with the spanking new X800GT.

Today is Kuanfu's big day with his wife. He invited me, Zhangwei and his class of DBI0107 mates like Steve, etc (the rest i don't know whom) to his dinner at Bt Merah. Quite an interesting night as i saw people from all walks of life turning up, even my campmate from Jurong Camp! As KF put it, "we have chinese people, hokkien people and even cantonese people coming for this dinner"... guess he's really over the moon. Congratulations my friend, have fun back in Xiamen if you're returning home.

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