Saturday, May 26, 2007

travel planning and goong

i like this song - HowL's Parrot. To the point i can hum some phrases even though i don't understand.

thursday was an extremely slack day, slacking to the point where i had to catch a taxi to NYP, because i would be nicknamed Mr Late if i'm late again. But i couldn't help it, the taxi arrived 10 minutes after my shift. Argh.

started friday with some amount of anger. First my STMobile bill listed some content i didn't subscribe to (and i have my sms logs in Outlook). Second someone owed me a sum of money, but went into MIA mode for a good 2 weeks. Please my friend if you're reading my blog now, only God knows what is happening to you. I'm not God and definitely not a worm in your stomach. Even if you can't pay up, TELL me and we will explore a solution. why is it so difficult to do that? i'm feeling so embarrassed to find your brother when shit happens, and strain friendships. can you put yourself in our shoes?!

luckily kay was here to cool me down, although i kept ranting expletives non stop at him (typical reaction when things screw up in army). We went Simlim today, tried the seafood soup at my fav korean stall. he bought 2x1GB RAM for his brother's MacBook plus 1GB for Dave. nice feeling seeing someone spend yet again... haha.

finally we decided where to go for our year end escape from Sinkapore. After me getting a rude shock that a HK+Beijing trip is at least $2,500, we explored other places such as Tokyo, Seoul. however F&E ticketing mandates a minimum of 4 pax to enjoy lowest pricing (~$650 before taxes and surcharges). Hit a snag here. We also considered Taiwan, however since SAF should be giving us free lodging and R&R during our overseas reservist training, it was striked off.

the final decision is HK+Macau, tentatively 10 days. Will be celebrating Xmas and XH's birthday over there. Kay is working to get the cheapest airline (SQ, CX, MU or 3K) and i'm working on the itinerary, which is more on food this round. My #1 wish is to visit the area where [Goong] Shin Chae-Kyung and Lee Shin met in Macau, Coloane Island!!! Hope to get the latter out before i start my new semester in August.

my brother recommended me this site, ieat.ishoot.ipost. The pasta looks yummy... where are u Jac!?

anyway, found some goong mvs of my interest:

In chinese 陶喆 - 爱我还是他

In english Natalie - Love you so

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