Sunday, June 21, 2009

fishing (changi point)

went for a different experience in fishing with CL, my colleague. Met a graduate EI student and his brother, and i invited WQ and girl too. Took Ah Long's boat out, and armed with his powerful Garmin GPS and fish finder we went to many spots between Tekong and Changi coast in the search for big fishes.

there were many new things for me. 1st was the fishing rod, quite heavy and hard to handle (i have wrist pain due to computer work). When the line got sang-kok by some rock, its so hard to extend the line. Flip the switch and the handle will wind itself by crazily, which blue blacked my fingers.

2nd was fishing with live prawns, learn to handle it was quite easy. But sensing for bites with the live bait in the water was really difficult. Couldn't feel a bite at all for the whole day. So you can guess, i was the unlucky one who caught nothing, only 1 decent bite but didn't have enough tension cos' my wrist was feeling weak.

Ah Long's boat

Preparing to set off

Chewing gum of the oriental (it didn't make it back to shore, cut up as bait)

Not bad, from 0830 to 1730 hrs.

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