Tuesday, December 9, 2008

taipei december 2008 - day 6

places: Longshan Temple, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, ZX Dunhua (Sweet Dynasty) and ZX Xinsheng (Taipei Leechi cake shop)

had a full day shopping. Browsed NOVA computer arcade too, but paled in comparison to Guanghua.

xr came over to dine with us, but unfortunately something bad happened.

Longshan Temple

Crazy sale in this building

NOVA computer arcade in the background

Sweet Dynasty desserts


Taipei Leechi cake shop

Bought bings here




The thiefs

zw's shopping bag with his personal stuff was stolen while we were in a clothing shop. It was rather an oversight, but disappointed at the above 3 whom we suspected to have taken that bag away. Called the police and yada yada... and a good impression of Taiwan turned sour...

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