Monday, December 8, 2008

taipei december 2008 - day 5

places: XMD, Muzha, Taipei 101 and Shilin

had a brief moment in Ximen for lunch, at the modern toilet restaurant. Nice concept.

Toilet style, add urinal container for $30

No joke!



then we wanted to go towards the direction of zoo, which required us to transfer to Muzha Line. But...

Muzha Line CLOSED! Why???

then we wanted to take the Maokong cable car - also closed!!! Quite disappointing that tourism board didn't put up notices to say its closed. Actually it's our fault since we didn't do much homework before going.

Maokong cable car also closed!! WHY????

Giraffe chimney in the background

went for our long awaited Taipei 101. NTD400 to fully browse all floors, 88F, 89F and 91F (the highest floor subject to weather conditions). Worth the money.

Shuttle bus to 101

Nice damper babies

Only my camera can zoom in perfectly! =p

On the lift up - fastest lift in the world, 1010m/min

Getting dark...

Night view around SYS Memorial Hall (i think)

The big damper at the 92F, stabilizing the top

Open view at 91F

The peak of the tower

went to Shilin for late dinner, had chops for dinner. I had pork chop, keong had steak, zw had chicken chop. It's nice! Stall 140 or 341.

Back to Shilin NM

The locals' favourite - chicken cutlet - too floury for my taste

This drink is nice

BBQ prawn stall

No need to peel shells!

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