Thursday, October 9, 2008

very busy lately

i think my blog is sitting idle, because my engine has been running sufficiently warm (no spare time to type).

just finished 2 term tests, and sad to say the after-feelings weren't fantastic. For C++, i saw it coming, yet for stats i think i've put in the necessary effort. But what the lecturer tested us were way harder. Maybe it's something in undergraduate studies i find it hard to adjust to.

work wise, the poly term is starting next week. As usual, a mad rush to get everything up and running. I worked non stop since 8am just now, all the way to 11.30pm. The only break was lunch, 30 mins long. It's satisfaction seeing things nicely done for my customers, the students. The only hope is not to see such effort being dismantled at the management's whim and fancy.

we are getting closer to the end of the year, and there are many to-achieves coming up. I have to job hunt, learn to drive and get my licence, graduate successfully.

my resume is ready, but no time to attend career talks. I don't really believe in this though. Somehow, i feel like i'm crowding together with a big group of job applicants - nothing much to differentiate between.

my driving lessons are booked till mid Dec, 18th lesson by 13 Dec! Hope i can finish the evaluation and book for TP by then...

graduate successfully? It must happen. That explains why the stress now.

if i can get my way, i want to take january and february off. Take a breather, do what i have to do, love whom i really love, full time! =)

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