Saturday, October 11, 2008

driving #5

my lucky number? 115. I have a new instructor, the 3rd i met so far. Time for some evaluation..

the first, Mr Raup, gave good orientation and foundation skills in my first class. He's also quite particular on blind spot checking and good posturing. The second, Mr Leong, is even stricter on blind spots, lane changing. I felt Mr Tan is friendlier than the two, however less particular in lane changing/blind spots. I also received more guidance on whether the traffic is clear or not. These can be very bad, because bad habits can come back!

anyway, he gave me 2 options when we met, to warm up in the circuit or just go out. I don't think i needed warmups, so simply chose the latter. Off we went to the tennis centre for me to take over. This time, i couldn't really give a map because i covered almost the whole AMK. Too much to remember, too focussed on the road! I told him my weak points (late braking), and he was really helpful throughout.

covered a new subject, low speed movement. Basically, it's to move the car really slowly through the use of the foot brake, and 'feel' the length and width of the car. He evaluated my 'feelings' by putting poles at the front, rear and sides, then going forward, backward and sideways without hitting the poles. Went on quite well, and cleared that quickly. Even did an S-course, he said buay pai. =D

the next subject will be slopes, before the evaluation of stage 1. 3 lessons next week!


- speed checks at filter lane, stripes (what's the stretch of the road that has stripes of white lines to slow down things?) and road speed limit

- read directional markings on the road, look out for road signages

- rules for turning right at T, X junctions

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