Thursday, October 16, 2008

driving #6 and #7

my lucky numbers, 115 and 123. #6 was with Mr Tan again, so the experience is pretty much the same. For #7, i had the pleasure of having a riding instructor (those F1 kind racing uniform), Mr Fariq. Initially we were quiet, but hit it off towards the end. He taught me some stuff few lessons ahead, such as positioning for right turning, narrow and wide U-turns, plus a value-adding expert lane change.

covered slopes for #6. For automatic transmission cars, nothing much to rave about. Finished it quickly and went on for evaluation of stage 1 (subjects 1 to 12). Cleared it without much problems, and i started practicing stage 2 subjects.

Mr Fariq's teaching style is special; he's more hands-off than the previous 3 instructors. I think he stepped on his brake less than 5 times during the 2 hours, leaving me to control the car the other times. If there's a need to accelerate to overtake, he's not extremely cautious about it. I had some nasty encounters with taxi drivers (who don't have while driving =p), he asked me to change lane, pull up side by side with them and gladly scolded them for me! lolz...

it's one of the packed lessons so far, as he introduced many techniques for turning left, at filter lanes, turning right at T/X junctions, merging lanes, humps, u-turnings and s-course. Plus expert lane change, which is pretty common nowadays for licensed drivers.

really fun filled. Tomorrow's lesson will be in the circuit i guess, since it's talking about pre-drive checks.


- improve speed control, especially braking at high speed (still quite terok, Fariq emphasises speed control for auto)

- handling humps

- left turns, filter lanes, pedestrian crossings, left-turn-on-red

- turning right at T/X; positioning and steering wheel movement

- u-turning at 2 types of kerbs, positioning and steering wheel movement

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