Sunday, September 7, 2008

pictures of esplanade

went drinking on thursday - some personal issues. Went Holland Village's wala-wala. Quite a nice ambience, happy hour set the stage for booze. I had Erdinger, a portion of Asahi and Chimay Bleue. Nice, except i sensed some headache then.

Chilli and tomato sauce for beer?

saw someone familiar with a girl, it was Richmond. zw knows him too, but during army daze.

had a hangover immediately on friday, a bad headache right after i woke up. It was really a sore morning, no appetite for breakfast. So, i stoned at the helpdesk until i decided to pop in my painkiller. By lunch, the headache was gone. Phew.

went funan to buy a non-privacy screen filter plus transparent skin from Challenger. By the way, i have the Challenger member discount - please contact me if you're interested to buy anything there.

the screen filter is alright, i simply cleaned my screen with alcohol and scotch-taped all the lint away, then applied it on. The skin was a disaster - air bubbles as i didn't really know how to apply. Most of the air bubbles went away the next day, but i threw away the first portion. Wasted money.

Nice sky despite days of rain

The new outdoor theatre


had a day of sunlight and rain with dearest just now.

Changi Boardwalk

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