Friday, September 5, 2008

fujitsu s6520 dissembly

the experience is fair so far - had problem cloning my data over from my x60s, because of the Acronis software on the Fujitsu. I finally have a Western Digital hard disk on my laptop, but it seemed slow. Slower than my 2 year old x60s with a 3 month old Seagate hard disk. So i swapped the drives between my laptops.

some photos on the Fujitsu chassis.

The classic top

The inside

The bottom

Dust filter (i don't see any sponge though)

2x2GB DDR3-1066 RAM

The hard disk enclosure

I think this is an insulator

The hard disk with a cover. Shock sensor protection?

1 full height and 1 half height PCI-E slots, latter taken by Intel Wifi 5300AGN

The blower and CPU heatpipe assembly

Below this heatpipe is the Core 2 Duo processor


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