Wednesday, September 3, 2008


have been quite occupied with my school work, and _____.

cs3266's ticketing system is causing quite a fair amount of stress. Yes, it's an e-commerce project, but closer to what Sistic, GV, Cathay, etc are doing. So you can guess, the difficulty should be on the logic programming for the seating and reservation subsystem.

statistics seem to be fine, but as we progress through the weeks i think the learning curve will get steeper.

i don't know what i'm doing for the other 2 modules, and i hope i can address the problem issues quickly.

having meals below my place are a problem now - heard a fire in one of the stalls that went unsupervised caused an explosion and short circuit. The whole place looked okay, but it seems there were much damage in the stallholders' area - electrical cables burnt, blackish water around the kopitiam. Chicken chop was cursing the kopitiam to close the day after he paid $0.50 more for his chicken chop, and he got his wish. Damn funny...

sent sp to her place just now. Apparently she got a bad scare due to two friendly people following her from bus stop all the way to the same corridor. I was having dupper at the market, walked over and accompanied her up. As much as i want to put on a brave front, but there's always a risk lah. Luckily the duo wasn't there anymore. Had a nice chat before heading home. And Miss Tan and Mr Ng, how come she know so much huh? huh??? lol..

suddenly i've old friends as my neighbours. Nice :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Zhiming, iT was wonderful reading your blog, thank you very much for i couldn't help laughing. You're a funny one! Sp

zhiming said...

so sorry, i didn't notice your message until today. Thanks for the compliment, and hope you are enjoying your time over here all this while =)