Friday, August 1, 2008


met celeste and jac yesterday for lunch. The latter was in school because of her bidding. Seeing freshies do their bids - memories. I recall meeting KC in school to do our bidding in year 1 too.

finally started my driving journey, after so much of waiting. Much deliberation was on private or school. In the end, i decided on school. The main reason was the online booking system, which i can squeeze 2-3 sessions in the weeks ahead.

have to thank VEEKEE for giving a small push. Of course thanks to all the pearl white Fit 2008s on the road...

BUT - i'm taking class 3A!!! Wx said no pride!!! lol... but i don't feel a need for manual. I'll cry still, if my future company has only manual cars...

the whole enrolment process is quite difficult to understand before even going down. SSDC had a range of courses, course 3B, 3C, 3F, 3T, etc. Then as usual, every little thing carries a charge. It's more like a driving restaurant than a driving centre. Coincidentally, there was a briefing session when i went down to register. The lady gave me a number at the reception, and just after the briefing session, my number was called! Very smart of them.

my Ftt is 23rd next month. All the practical test slots up to mid Sept are booked. Never mind, prepare my arsenal of notes. Booking frenzy....

out of Singapore from 2 to 9 Aug.

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