Sunday, August 3, 2008

surabaya - day 1 and 2

day 1
as usual i took a cab to the airport, for flight number MI226.

Going up up up

Beautiful clouds...

the airport is simple and good enough for everybody's needs, and shortly i was whisked off to my host's place!

after dinner, it was a bit of shopping at Supermal. What's special was the snakes for sale in some shops - no need to go to the zoo to see them.

day 2

as ivana says, it was a tiring day! Most of the time was spent on the road - being driven to places.

1st stop was the Sidoarjo mud flow. Really sad to see the mud oozing out...

On the right were houses. Now submerged by mud

Mud oozing out. The concrete wall beside is actually a roof

2nd stop was to a java chip plantation - lots of tomatos, chilli and etc besides the real stuff.

The best retirement place

What colour do you want?

Da Yan

3rd stop was the Taman Safari. Singapore's zoo or night safari can never compare to this, lah.

Nice! Just beside our car!

Nice skin.

Why the junior likes to pull the other's tail?


Very sleepy ones

Secret communication?

From the right side...


dinner was at 3-6-9. Nice chicken soup!

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