Friday, August 8, 2008

surabaya - day 5 and 6

day 5
went to see my driving instructor get her replacement licence from the local authorities. Their circuit is so simple - i saw only a high ramp.

went past G-Walk, which is like our Holland Village and Jalan Kayu... a mix.

day 6
woke up at 1.45am, 3 hours+ journey to the scenic Mount Bromo. Passed by the mudflow area and the never ending 2 lane road before turning into a road up the mountain. Towards the end of the journey, we had to change to another jeep to go to the volcanic plains. Thus there was a small delay, but in the end we got to see the sunrise.

the morning was outright cold. Yes, it's as what wikitravel mentioned.

Mt. Batok in the background - a sleeping volcano

Looked like a page taken out from movies...

Up the steps to Mt. Bromo

Looking down to the caldera

Sulfurous smoke

my first time seeing a volcano and riding on a horse!!!

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