Wednesday, August 6, 2008

surabaya - day 4

it was a slow day, nothing on.

had the most memorable experience so far - driving a Honda City. My instructor was speechless, because i drove on the wrong lane (i was afraid of cars being parked on the left), never signal when turning (totally forgot because i was too kanchiong) and didn't steer properly. The list goes on...

i need more informal (read: free) driving lessons before i start burning money away at SSDC...

after that, went to Supermal again for a quick shop, while her mum went to do her stuff. Wanted to watch movie in the evening, but the tickets were sold out. So went to another shopping centre, a giant one (Tunjungan Plaza) to have coffee.

Cinema 21 - very nice design for this branch

Avocado ice cream

looked at integration before sleeping, and surprised i totally returned everything to the teacher.... *die*

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