Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fishing trip #2

Found this photo in my cam. Maybe my bro took it...

this time better, no need for mobile toilet. *grin*

to ensure i have no dehydration problems, brought a big cup of ILT onboard.

only got a fish - it's called sergeant major, because of the stripes. Wq said it's a coral sergeant major, so voila - CSM! Where's RSM?? The hook wasn't strong, so CSM brushed against an area near my knee cap. I thought it was just abrasion, but rashes appeared. Didn't really care about it lah, anyway.

Gy is the best of all 4. The moment he put his stick in, he snagged up a fish. I think he got 5 or 6 in total. But we will have better luck next time!

had dinner at AMK. But the effects of the seasick pill was quite strong, was so drowsy that i had to close my eyes. After the meal, it was better.

The waiting area

Steering cable damaged, but uncle replaced it


Prawn shopping again

We were nearby Ubin jetty again

Look at his 3rd catch!

Aiyo, poor CSM...

It will be closed for reno soon

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