Wednesday, July 30, 2008

farewell lunch

there are some changes happening to the stable of support personnel, thus a working lunch for

- eric, leaving for greener pastures. If you are wondering who, he sports a crew cut hair and is around my height.

- melissa, leaving for further studies. She has been 'parked' at the helpdesk, so there's no problem identifying her.

- melvin (chan), incoming colleague. I found out someone in my group of friends knows him, just now.

actually, there are more outgoing colleagues, the 2 senior ones originally from EI are also leaving soon. EI peeps should know them.

2 colleagues didn't attend, one due to compassionate factors and the other was simply too busy. I guess so, because there is a problem since Eric is leaving, or rather has left since he has leave to clear.

hope the renewal is positive for the dept in the long run. I'm taking my leave after my exams in december, but may stay around until i find a suitable job.

Started eating too soon. Remembered my camera only at this moment...

went to pick up my new specs too, later in the noon.

The box

Why they must call the colour brown tortoise...

The hard casing. Nice.

no pictures of the actual stuff. When you see me you'll see it too =)

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