Sunday, June 29, 2008

work + toy fair + ndp + nuss

morning was work. Wanted to cab down, but in the end better not. Having this habit is dangerous... and harder to fall asleep too. Took the usual vehicles, and reached there 5 minutes later only. But the contractors came only an hour later. Aiyo... anyway turned on the music in one of the lab and proceeded to give all the rodents a good scrub.

anthony came by today. He was bored after the confinement in BMT, so brought his stockpile of candies for his classmate colleague. Very good lah; i still recall when i first booked out the first thing was to find her and go shopping. Good old memories...

i promised to meet him later at the toy fair at 3pm, but at the time i just finished my meal at cwp. Oops, we shall meet again my friend. Anyway went home, washed up and dined at my usual place at Simlim Sq. Then made my way down to the toy fair.

no keroro! Bandai, why never bring in!!!

Tofu! I saw one blank tofu, actually i'd be interested to get that.

Who don't know these? Maybe 199x peeps...

Heard he's the original author of a particular comic.

Weekends from now to Aug at Esplanade area will be fun

Black knights

Went round the CBD

The cloud of Love - 1

The cloud of Love - 2

The cloud of Love - 3

We are going down!!!

Some water programme. I feel it's a waste of fuel though...
those servicemen were idling on the water.

Really need a tripod for night shots meh? Can don't want?

met up with SY, one new friend from NUSS. She gave me valuable advice on career options, i thank her for that. I think i have to recognise i'm leaving NUS soon, it's time to sit down and plan my career options proper. Of course, i wouldn't want to idle around in school by failing modules (again). Better to be out in the field as soon as i can.

time to do some networking and publish my CV. Should i setup a website for this alone?

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