Friday, June 13, 2008

more damages

today was actually to help WB settle his computer purchase - source for parts from PC Show and Simlim, then install them later. But there was a small problem that became a big problem - casing was out of stock. Entire Simlim didn't have it. So, postpone the whole plan. The only thing he bought was the Samsung T220 monitor.

then i went back to PC Show, made some damages. The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 was going $40 cheaper, so it made sense to get it. Got a pair of Kingston DDR2-800 2GB memory, since it was going for $120 in total too.

spent the evening at a wine appreciation workshop, invited by Teck. Learned substantial knowledge about wine, the glasses and some special information. Should try to follow up...

link for myself

Shop front - 73 Tras St

Now i know... sodesne..

Nice green tea cake

Free flow!

There are sofas around, too


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