Friday, June 13, 2008

busy week

as foreseen, this PC Show is the busiest period for me. So many people around me buying stuff. Gy just got his beloved Sony Vaio after a long wait. Too bad he missed the 3 year warranty, but got reasonable amount of freebies, lah. Got it surprisingly, at Funan's juzz1. After some discussion, Edmund (salesperson) managed to match PC Show's offer, even giving a Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 mouse together with the 4GB thumb.

as for me, i was evaluating 3 cameras (arranged in terms of highest price):

Chic looking T300

8 months old IXUS 860 IS (Image Stabilizer)

Fujifilm F100fd, 12mp @ unbeatable price

i liked the T300 due to the slim look, but in the end the features of F100fd got me. The night shots are (should) also better according to reviews. Went to MS Color @ AMK for the purchase.

commentary on servicemen deaths
while being so busy, there were news that 2 SAF servicemen passed away due to a possible cardiac arrest and heat exhaustion. I don't think i should spell out more details on the servicemen, since everything is available at Mindef's web portal.

while some people decry Mindef's training guidelines, we should take a look at the lifestyles of our young people these days. Many of us, especially after late 1980s, seldom exercise. Those who exercise take it too seriously, which I wouldn't advocate. Those who don't exercise really do not, and i'm a perfect example when i was in poly. There are many others i see currently, spending their spare time playing PSPs and what not. Such lifestyles aren't healthy at all. It's no wonder any training programmes can be fatal on a person who had not exercised much before enlistment, especially if the person insists on not sounding off.

we cannot be blaming Mindef all the time. My body belongs to myself, not property of the government or Mindef. Young men should take responsibility in improving their physical stamina, unless there are some inherent medical conditions. I hope NYP can implement a compulsory fitness programme into all curriculum to emphasize the need for fitness and study balance. The fitness programme should constitute a 2 module credit grade in the diploma, if we need to go to the extreme.

while in the army, some servicemen are willing to be physically fit despite having restrictions on how much they can do. It's admirable to see such fine examples, although more people try to end up in administrative positions using their medical condition(s) as an excuse. Then after NS, they attempt to catch up on fitness (read: put it bluntly, erase their administrative past) by taking up various sports. I would say, they missed out the most important lessons and camaraderie in their lives - a fruitful national service stint.

my words to those enlisting still stay - go in, work hard, play hard, know as much as friends as possible, enjoy your times together. Refine the art of socialising before you get out. Thinking of how to escape all the time will make 2 years very painful and turn yourself into a loser in all areas.

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