Tuesday, May 20, 2008

visiting the singapore flyer

the Flyer experience is somewhat too typical with similar attractions i visited, such as Shanghai Jin Mao 88, Pearl Tower, HK Peak Tower and Macau Tower. Meaning there are always some shops, eateries that perk the place up and drive down the cost of the entry tickets.

the scenery is rather ok, but it would be good to explain to the tourists what they would see when the capsule reaches a particular location. Otherwise, it's simply just blocks of lego to them. A visitor's guide for every pax will be great as well. The most interesting highlight of the visit was probably the leg therapy shop (Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa) - little fishes nibbling on the foot of people who wanted to try. Maybe i'll get 100 pieces of tetra and try it in my tank....

The passageway to the capsule boarding point looks like... aerobridge?

Yakult sponsored rainforest garden, just below the boarding point

Going up.... slowly.


The highest point of the Flyer

Marina Barrage in construction

Going down... someone saying *phew*

i'd assume the period from now to the opening of the Marina Sands IR is the lull period - hopefully they can improve on the quality of information to visitors since there aren't much people. The airconditioning of the shops as well.

had really fine dining at Cherry Garden. The bill made me full. If my parents complained about Maxim's small quantities at HKIA, then they'd nag for days if they went this place. Shan't talk too much for now.

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