Wednesday, May 21, 2008

graduation day

counting the period since i knew some of them, it's 2 years already.

so why am i still there when they have left!?

no worries, i'm leaving soon too - 31 dec 2008 is my contract's expiry date. Either i will renew and take additional time to look for suitable job positions inside/outside. Or don't renew, provided i secure my first job with an ideal employer by year end.

during the ceremony speeches, the speech by CEO of SIM made lots of sense - such as

- career can be IT/non IT. I feel strongly, because it's simply how people see it.

- passion and motivation aren't necessarily measured by monetary amounts

- pursue a career you want, not the money. I'm steering myself towards being a people-oriented worker/manager one day, thus my decision to take on non IT (again, i don't think this matters) jobs. Putting my best hope that this will bear fruit in years to come...

he missed out something - with a positive attitude (read: != ambitious) in living and working, it doesn't matter which path is more attractive - working, studying or army. If someone doesn't take things seriously, bitches almost about everything, think of tasks as a chore, then any path will be less than a great success. If you want a half-pail water result, it's ok. Otherwise, you'll be greatly demoralized.

and talking about taking a few times to get the right career, we have only 10-15 years to do that. The motivation will just sink lower and lower as we grow old, then that's the end. So taking 1 or 2 times to get things right is important.

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