Sunday, April 20, 2008

refreshing my mind...

had small talk with HK:

K said:
ur blog

K said:
i so sad

K said:

zhiming-san :) .home. said:
sian. i feeling emo

K said:
yah i feel

K said:
dun ta bao can liao

the last sentence is golden.

stayed home the whole day, doing nothing useful. Except for checking my financial health, which was in the red. Need to save $xxxx in order to be able to repay my OCBC tuition fee loan immediately on graduation, to avoid paying interest. It's possible, but i need to cancel the saving policy i just signed up. If i save $500 monthly, the figure will be back to my target in feb next year.

then, i have to save up another $yyyyy as downpayment for my set of wheels. Headache...

so i brought my popular $20 voucher i redeemed using UOB rewards, to Bugis. Nope, didn't have the book i wanted. Then took a bus down to Harris Suntec. A nice girl helped me pick up the book from the ceiling with a big ladder, and i used the voucher to pay up.

The book

took another bus to airport, where i practically just sat in mac and relaxed. And watching people (read: NUS, NTU, SMU, etc) study. Just so uncomfortable and a reminder that i got to do something.

additional stuff in my private area.

ps: 男人女人's lyrics here! Next song: Ti Amo by 炎亚纶 (i love you in Italian)

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