Saturday, April 19, 2008

family dinner

it's a dinner, not a celebration because my father was advised by my "gu ma" not to celebrate his birthday. It was on monday, but we decided to have it today instead.

my aunt and cousin+Johnny joined us too, i'm pleasantly surprised. I'd say a warming of relations, because of historical events. Hope that it'll remain this way.

initially we had problems looking for a table below my block, so we took 3 cabs to Blk 136. Then my father and i just ordered and ordered. A total of 9 dishes plus a big serving of ee mee. Our bill was so easy to recognise - the only bill that is overcrowded with pen markings.

Naughty nieces were there, nephew beside me

Johnny, 3rd aunt and my cousin

then back home, the women discussed about the younger days, which i can remember some:

- i cried lots; 1 infamous example was that i cried all the way through from the start of "wrapping" of zhong zi to the end. And my mum carried me to many mediums to ask what was wrong with me...

- cried too much that my father told my mum to tell me not to call him "papa", call him shu shu instead. Am i that bad..?

- i started talking later than others, which scared my mum. Years later, according to the school bus auntie, i was the most 'guai'. But i wished i was more chatty...

- my cousin JW is comparable to me in crying, but became quieter now. Quieter than FR. And the fact that they used to fight quite often.

- my mum accidentally poured a boiling bowl of pig stomach soup directly onto FR's forehead in malaysia, after giving birth to my sis. And goodness, my mum rubbed her forehead continuously after that, and my grandfather had to tell her to stop. I heard this for the first time, i'm sorry my cousin... =x

- other times in siglap, the very first home in singapore for my parents and aunt's family. Was rented from another person who owned the terrace house.

supposedly lots of these photos, but with my aunt. Would love to see them soon. Meanwhile, i just looked through the ones i had. Lots of memories set in. Maybe because i'm troubled these days, tears just dropped when i saw my 2nd aunt with my mum. She was a very bubbly aunt, and always reminded me of my favourite dish - pig organs soup that time. It's really unfortunate she had to go so quickly, before i had any chance to do my part. I miss her...

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