Tuesday, March 4, 2008

will i get thru this?

how to solve my inefficiency problem? Need someone to help me with it. Nana? lolz..

the police ops is affecting transportation around my area. Just now at 10.30pm, i decided to lose 15 minutes of my precious time taking an extra round on 903 towards Woodlands Center. Wanted to see for myself the traffic. It was still darn jammed up, vehicles backing all the way up to the junction between Woodlands Ave 3 and Ctr Rd. For those who doesn't know where i'm talking about, that is the junction at Marsiling MRT.

so how did it affect transportation? Because the section of Woodlands Ctr Road from Woodlands Ave 3 to the roundabout is blocked, all intratown services 911, 912 and 913 plus 178 and 856 bound for Yishun had to get stuck for a good 15-30 minutes before they can execute wrap-arounds and seek escape routes back to interchange. With the current bus crisis SMRT Buses is having, service will be affected.

for Woodlanders, it is interesting to see wrap-arounds happen. During a heavy jam, drivers just change route details on the EDS and watch for cues from on-site service guys:

- 903 avoids turning into the circus. Goes into Marsiling Rise and back to usual route

- 911 turns right into Woodlands Ctr. But it turns into Marsiling Rise, then takes on 913 route

- 912 either turns right into Woodlands St 13 (912--> 911) or turns right into Marsiling Rise (912--> 913) or turns right at the mosque (912--> 903)

- 913 turns left into Woodlands Ctr towards Marsiling MRT. Either assumes 911 or 912 depending on demands.

- 178? Not sure. As for 856 towards Yishun, it is the one that's impacted the most. Because a 15-30 minute delay means the entire schedule is screwed. I don't know how the route master settles such delays.

speaking about the crisis, scores of people complained about the Air Show's shuttle service. It only showed SMRT Buses' inexperience and insufficiency to deal with big events. Hope they will buck up and speed up the delivery of the hundreds of buses soon. Otherwise, it's time to petition to PTC to force SMRT to temporarily hand over the cash cow 61 or 190 to SBS, to relieve the stress on other heavy routes.

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