Wednesday, March 5, 2008

interesting taxi driver

i was running late for a tutorial class just now, so i thought i grab a cab and be able to present the tutorial question i worked quite a bit on.

this driver was very polite. Greeted me, which of course i returned the greeting. Before getting on, he flashed the ang pai with JURONG on it. Hey, quite fated uh.

after the journey, it appeared he had thoughts that weren't so simple. Like..

- asked me what i'm studying. Normal. Then he went on to talk about arts, and posed me a question: say if i'm in a museum and talking to a group of kids about a sculpture, how will i go about saying it? Needless to say i was quite clueless, but being the typical student i tried to smoke some stuff la.

- asked whether i knew a big bird sculpture outside UOB or OUB building. I said no, then he wanted to tell my mum about this (jokingly). Hmm, i admit i'm not so good with Raffles Place for some sentimental reasons i wouldn't say here. But what has it got to do with my mum?

- said next time with a degree i can go out and scold the computer engineers (my subordinates, he meant). This sounded a bit absurd and kinda stereotyped university undergraduates. Not everyone goes out and boss around lower ranked colleagues. There are exceptions though, just like black sheeps everywhere in the world. To this i simply said it's not my working style, unless the mate is really not performing.

- switched topic to relationship/bgr. Quite surprising. Talked about how girls like guys who are real bad, with tattoos and even those who beat girls up. This was something i can more or less agree, but told him i wouldn't do a tattoo to attract girls. And wasn't the top priority at the moment too. Suddenly some rough words came out from his mouth while he talked about some experiences.

rather speechless. Wanted the taxi to teleport to campus right away. If i could use my maple scroll, i'd gladly flash it.

- at the alighting point (Computing block), he stopped outside the porch where many shuttles would pass by. Told him to move further down in case a bus comes in. He exclaimed; "i thought you're so big (tua pai) that the bus have to wait for you". Wow, but i don't have the surname Lee.

quickly paid up, closed the interesting (and thorn-filled) chat with oh you take care, have a nice day.

no issue against him, because if he never spoke up i never knew what others think of a NUS student. After all, he could be trying to stay awake and i'm there idling as well. lolz...

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