Saturday, January 5, 2008

kayak practice

spent two days after new year working. It's back to the sleep-late-wake-up-late problem. In this year perhaps its time to look at this problem? I suddenly became a heavy sleeper. Hmm...

went on a buying spree for toiletries in chinatown yesterday. Bought everything i needed, and the items cost me $37 in total! However before that, i got drenched in the rain. Very sad man, advised somebody to bring hers, yet i didn't bring. lol...

today is kayak day. Met up with the peeps for lunch, then walked to kallang for our practice. Some team mates from the 1-star course are already taking 2-star certification! I'm not well prepared for it though.

loitered around kallang basin; from the sheltered area to Sheares Bridge, to Cosy Bay near Oasis. It was the low tide period, so water was flowing out to the sea. I stopped at the bridge, then found myself drifting out quite rapidly! A little more and i could be saying hello to the Singapore Flyer. lolz.. Paddling against the current movement was damn tiring. Then the rain came after a while. But managed to say cheese to the cameras in the ducktour vehicles. =D

beached up a few times to avoid moving around during heavy rain. The last 30 minutes were really bad - heavy rain while paddling back to sheltered area, the rain felt like stones. Couldn't see anything in front of me for a while.

now my arms are really sore. Legs too, because the bandit i had didn't have foot pedals! I need to remember to warm up next time. And bring my sun tan lotion too. Plus my towel. So forgetful la. Time to rest.

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